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GoPro Mounts for Snorkeling

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GoPro Mounts for Snorkeling

GoPro Snorkel Mounts

You’ve just picked up your GoPro Hero and you’re excited to test it out in the open waters; after all one of the biggest selling feature of the GoPro camera is that it’s capable of recording underwater at depths of 60m.  

So you take your newly purchased GoPro out of the box and with it enclosed in its underwater case, you jump in the water to record your first epic snorkeling trip right?  Well, just hold up a second. 

While the GoPro is waterproof rated at scuba diving depths, you need to ensure that water does not seep in the casing.  To do this you need get some silicon gel and apply it to the seal of the case.

Trident Silicon Grease

Silicon Grease

Here are two key accessories and mounts that others have used for snorkeling:

GoPro Camera Floaty Backdoor

If you’re filming the underwater escapade free handed (without any mounts), your best investment when snorkeling with your GoPro is the GoPro floaty. 

The reason is once you hit the ocean and you drop or lose your GoPro camera underwater, that GoPro is going to sink like a ton of bricks. 

Once you attach the floaty to the back of the GoPro, your GoPro will be buoyant and it’ll float straight to the top of the water. 

What’s nice about the floaty is that because it is bright orange, it will make the GoPro easily detectable from 50 feet away. 

Just note that if you decide to add an extender battery pack and or an LCD to the back of the GoPro while snorkeling, the floaty will not work; the floaty will only support the weight the standard GoPro Hero camera and the underwater case.

GoPro Floaty BackPack

To save yourself the trouble of free diving for your lost camera or having to purchase a replacement, get the floaty.  Great for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding and any other deep water activity.  For more information and reviews of the Floaty, click here.

The Bobber

Gopro Bobber

Keeping along the same line, many snorkeling enthusiasts choose to use the handheld Bobber mount because it’s a 2 in 1:  the Bobber doubles as a grip and as a floatation device. 

The advantage to using this mount as opposed to shooting freestyle is that with the mount, you’ll get steadier footage.  Sometimes the waves can be rough and choppy and so watching your freestyle recording may just be enough to make people seasick. 

The other advantage is with this Bobber, you won’t need to get the floaty backdoor; if you lose your GoPro camera underwater, the Bobber will safely return the camera back to surface with the grip pointing towards sky.  Its bright yellow color will make it easily detectable out of the water. 

The Bobber will also work with a LCD mount attached to the GoPro.  It’s compatible with all GoPro Heros.  For additional reviews and pricing of the Bobber, click here.

Enjoy this GoPro video of Holly Beck as she records her snorkeling encounter with a whale shark!


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