GoPro Mount for Cars

Gopro CarWhether you’re driving your daily commute or racing the indy 500, there are two vehicle mounts for your GoPro camera that will work for you. 

The most popular vehicle platform mount is the GoPro suction cup mount. With this mount, you can attach your GoPro practically anywhere on the car.   

Most car enthusiasts tend to install the suction mount to the side panel of the car to get that road view and or the rear bumper for that exhaust view and rear view, but the creativity of shots is left to the imagination of the user. 

The one question is that is on everyone’s mind is, will the GoPro vehicle mount withstands speeds of 100+mph?  And the answer to that is, yes speed demons, it can.

The mount is rated to speeds up 150mph and possibly more depending on your propensity for a speeding ticket. 

One important key to making sure the suction mount stays mounted to the car is to make sure you wipe the surface of the car clean each and every time before you mount. 

Another tip is to make sure you have a LCD back pack to align and frame your shot.  For pricing information and reviews on the GoPro LCD BacPac, click here.

GoPro LCD backpac


More recently a lower profile suction cup mount was introduced for improved vibration control and compact mounting. 

It doesn’t have the same extension as the earlier generation, but it’s useful when you have a lot of wind resistance like racing on a track day for example. 

For additional pricing information and reviews on the GoPro Suction Cup Mount, click here.

Gopro Hero3 Suctioncup


Alternatively, there is a third party suction cup mount that has a swing arm on a ball head that enables infinite adjustments for your perfect viewing angle. 

Unlike the typical GoPro mount which enables the camera to tilt forward / backwards and or side to side, the Ram suction cup mount provides full 360 degrees of flexibility.

For more pricing information and reviews on the Ram Suction Cup Mount, click here.

GoPro RamMount Suctioncup







The other popular vehicle mount is the roll bar mount.  This mount is more specific for cars or gokarts that have external roll bars that you can access.  The roll bar mount fits 1.4″ to 2.5″ diameter tubes and allows the orientation arm to pivot 3 ways, getting the optimal angle that you want.

For more pricing information and reviews on the GoPro Roll Bar, click here.

GoPro Roll Mount

All listed car mounts are compatible with all versions of the GoPro Hero.

Watch Ken Block present Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.  Can you count the number of GoPro used in this video?  Check out all the different views and angles being shot here and how beautifully edited this video is.

Thumbs up for shooting in my home city, San Francisco! 



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