GoPro Mounts for Aerial Photography

ski_jump_300x187Some of the best perspectives can be found from the first person point of view (FPV); this FPV is what makes the GoPro camera series so popular – the viewers get a front row seat of the action as if they themselves are right there doing the stunt or trick themselves. But how do you capture those tricky hard to shoot third person point of view shots of you jumping a killer wave? Or of you doing a somersault or a superman on your BMX?

The answer is you cheat. You have a friend record you doing your stunts with a quadcopter.

Today’s hottest trend is capturing high flying action shots using RC helicopters or quadcopters and the most popular and easiest to fly RC quadcopter is the DJI Phantom. The Phantom is built specifically to mount to any GoPro camera, no matter if your GoPro is from generation 1, 2, or 3. While you could record your videos using a standard RC helicopter, the reason the quadcopter has become so popular is its nature to hover (with four propellers) and capture smooth and steady shots. And the features of the DJI phantom is what makes this quadcopter more attractive any other quadcopter on the market; these include:

DJI Phantom

  • ¬†Integrated GPS which allows the quadcopter to return home should you break the Tx/Rx link
  • Hover feature for steady video recordings
  • Low battery indicator and self landing function
  • Includes a Tx/Rx remote control for ready to fly out of the box action

For pricing and latest reviews on the DJI Phantom, click here.

While the DJI does a great job recording aerial videos, it’s not completely impervious to jello effects. These effects are similar to the raster scans you see on an analog tv. However, this effect can be mitigated by balancing the propellers. For more detailed information on this quadcopter or other popular quadcopters, visit

Get inspired with this video of some high flying skiing and snowboarding action!

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